CCF Code accreditation

Equal Assurance has now achieved JAS-ANZ accreditation to Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Civil Construction Management Code (CCF Code).
By way of background, Equal Assurance has been approved by CCF since 2007 to provide certification services to the CCF Code. JAS-ANZ accreditation for this assurance program is typically not valued by the users of this certification and, whilst Equal Assurance complied with JAS-ANZ requirements, accreditation for this assurance program was never vigorously pursued. In 2010, CCF made a commitment to Equal Assurance that it would improve its CCF Contractor Management System (CMS) program (which incorporates CCF Code certification) and, in response, Equal Assurance made the commitment to CCF to attain JAS-ANZ accreditation, which we have since honoured. Whilst some improvements to the CCF CMS have been made, many improvement opportunities remain outstanding, including most importantly the need for a full review of JAS-ANZ Procedure 27 which governs accredited CCF Code certification.
Equal Assurance maintains a superior CCF Code Assurance Program facilitated through our Integrated Audit Criteria available at www.equalassurance.com/downloads.
Further details on CCF Code certification or any of our products and services are available at www.equalassurance.com/productsandservices.

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