Changes to CCF Code

 You are probably aware that the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) has apparently undertaken a significant review and re-development of the system templates it provides to contractors, and this has also prompted a review of the CCF Civil Construction Management Code (CCF Code).

CCF has now completed this task and, as the new management systems are starting to move into the market place, it is understood these are being supplied with the CCF Code.

According to CCF, in essence, the CCF Code requirements have not been changed, rather the document and wording has been amended to more closely reflect the requirements of relevant Standards, and the (at times) ambiguity of requirements has been rectified. Similarly, according to CCF, the explanatory text within the CCF Code (italics section) has been updated to reflect a more true explanation rather than (at times) giving text that bordered on being interpreted as a requirement.

CCF has requested Equal Assurance to use the revised CCF Code (Issue 9) from July 2009. It is our policy to comply with this request. Therefore, all certification and re-certification audits after 1 July 2009 will be to Issue 9 of the CCF Code.

It is understood that CCF are planning to hold an information session in Melbourne in mid July 2009 to more formally introduce the new management systems, and that CCF members will in the coming days receive invitations to this function.

Please talk to your Account Manager if you have any queries regarding the transition.

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