A total and integrated approach

How we work

Our vision is to be a catalyst for improved business confidence, through a total and integrated approach, and by maintaining successful relationships, based on shared values, with our clients and other stakeholders.

Embedded in this is our standard methodology for account management, detailed in this diagram.

This six-step process is deployed for each account, but also tailored to the unique circumstances that any given account may dictate.

For larger and more complex accounts, or for Strategic Accounts, a detailed Account Management Plan can be developed and maintained, providing details on resources, tasks, timing and related milestones.

For our Client Managers and Account Managers, our secure on-line database known as Qdos provides for client management, account management, auditor management, knowledge management, and web-content management. A Client Portal is also available.

A key feature within the account management database is real-time monitoring of service delivery. This provides us and our clients with confidence that accounts are managed effectively. Also provided are automated mechanisms and prompts for client feedback, providing our auditors and partners the opportunity to learn ways for improving services in future.

Service delivery methods meet the general principles of ISO 17021.

Finally, our Client Charter is available at the publications facility of this website.