Equal Assurance launches animated certification marks

Our Q-Mark is now available in animated formats.

In what could be a world-first, certified clients of Equal Assurance can now enjoy the use of animated Q-Marks in addition to the existing range of static Q-Marks.

The animated marks (GIF format) are available in two different effects: as rotating Q-Marks (shown here) or as appearing or “fading in” Q-Marks (as shown on our clients’ Qdos login portal).

These graphics are designed primarily for use in our clients’ marketing material such as websites, social media sites, presentations and videos.

The dynamic amination captures people’s attention, increasing the impact of the Q-Mark and, by extension, the client relating to the marketing and media.

Equal Assurance is currently in the design stages of what could also be another world-first: an integrated mark that automatically embodies both the client logo and our Q-Mark into a single image.

As the Q-Mark is a valuable asset to certified clients, so it is our aim to ensure it remains as impactful as possible in support of our clients.