Extended Audit Approach

Take advantage of reduced costs and increased efficiencies when you have your fully integrated management system certified through Equal Assurance.

Consistent with policies established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and member accreditation bodies (e.g.: JASANZ), IAF MD11:2019 now makes provision for an “Extended Audit Approach” to recognise the potential for reduced auditing time resulting from fully integrated management systems. These management systems are typically characterized by:

  • A fully integrated documentation set, including work instructions, to a good level of development, as appropriate;
  • A single management review process that considers the overall business strategy and plan;
  • A fully integrated approach to internal audits;
  • A fully integrated approach to policy and objectives;
  • A fully integrated approach to systems processes;
  • A fully integrated approach to improvement mechanisms, (corrective and preventive action; measurement and continual improvement); and
  • Fully integrated management support and responsibilities.

Your Lead Auditor will undertake a planning session to assess the validity of your management system in readiness for the Extended Audit Approach and, if valid, can work with your Client Manager and Account Manager to structure the best approach. In addition, all of this is typically already included in the audit fees.

Please talk to your Client Manager or Account Manager for further details, or feel free to contact us directly for more information.