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Create a stronger position within the Equal network by becoming an Equal Practice.

Become a Practice

Equal Assurance offers eligible practices membership with our group. Our auditors have access to a range of facilities, products and services that allow for the generation of both active and passive income for the practice, including but not limited to:

  • auditor and partner networks;
  • access to the Equal Assurance brand, including the Q-MarkTM;
  • access to professional development activities;
  • provision of marketing material;
  • access to Equal Assurance products and processes;
  • web-based marketing of your audit products and services;
  • ability to market approved products on our Website;
  • ability to deliver approved programs that you own and manage;
  • provision of corporate stationery and business cards;
  • an “” email address;
  • access to standard forms and templates;
  • access to promotion and administrative services;
  • access to library and resource material;

A key strength for Equal Assurance, and a strategic advantage for its member practices, is that such practices maintain direct responsibility for and ownership of the client and the services provided, within a confederated framework that ensures superior rates of return.

Equal Assurance is constantly looking to expand on its membership. If you have an established or emerging practice anywhere in the world and are looking to join a strong and progressive network of certification bodies, we would like to hear from you. In particular we will as a minimum need to know:

  • the name of your practice;
  • the contact information for your practice;
  • the number of years your practice has been in business;
  • any marketing material, including website information;
  • whether the practice owner(s) are ethical and act with integrity;
  • arrangements with other certification bodies;
  • experience in the markets you are looking to service;
  • knowledge of, and capability with, IT and information systems;
  • the range of assurance programs you seek to provide;
  • evidence of auditor competencies (eg: registration with Exemplar or IRCA);
  • expected revenues in the first year of operation; and
  • expected timing to establish the basis of arrangements.

An Equal Assurance Partner will assess this information and, if suitable (as strict entrance and performance criteria shall apply), provide you with a copy of our Practice Charter, providing more details on the basis of arrangements. Following this, a Practice Agreement will be established where needed, detailing any unique requirements either party may have in doing business. Once this is agreed, we will provide training for you to log into Qdos (our online data-operating system), upload information and commence work.

To find out more about how you can become a practice, feel free to contact us. Via the form below or directly.